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Manufacturer Model Size Item No. Frame Size Description Manuf. Part PC Part Addn'l Part
Hazelton Sleeve D-11443-SS D00321
Hazelton Sleeve D-11443-15 D00322
Pacific Sleeve with Pin HL-72 D00406
Pacific Sleeve with Pin HL-87 D00406
Goulds 1.5x3-13LF LTX Casing A02666
Goulds 13" Stuffing Box Cover (For Dynamic Seal) RD02314A01 A05514
Goulds 13" Stuffing Box Cover (For Dynamic Seal) RD02314A02 A05514
Goulds 13" Back Plate (For Dynamic Seal) C01218A01 A05515
Marlow 3X3 Impeller A02463
Ahlstrom 11 Stuffing Box Cover A02472
Labour 10W Shaft (2 Piece) P2076 D00028
Labour 10W Shaft (1 Piece) 9418-2 D00029
Labour 10W Shaft (Drive) 153-Q1 D00030
Taber 1394-40 3x1-1/2 Impeller 1394-40 A01248
Goulds 14JMO 2x8 Impeller, Stripper 2x8-MFC-1 A01159
Goulds 14JMO 2x8 Impeller, Bowl 2x8-MFC-1 A01160
Worthington 15M-185 Impeller Key 624316-06 A02707
Labour 15W Shaft (Impeller) D07612
Labour 20W Shaft (Impeller) D07612
Labour 20XW Shaft (Drive) 23-Q1 D00031
Goulds 2196 13" LTL Stuffing Box Cover (Taper Bore) A03420
Labour 25W Shaft (Impeller) 33-0-3 D07613
Labour 25W Shaft (Drive) 23-Q1 D00031
Crane Deming 3060 A-180 6x4-12 Impeller 3060 A-180 A00600
Goulds 3115 4" Side Plate (Upper) 229-125 A01089

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