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Manufacturer Model Size Item No. Frame Size Description Manuf. Part PC Part Addn'l Part
Allis Chalmers 8x6 Case Ring 08-984-167 A00374
Allis Chalmers 8x6 Mechanical Seal Gland 52-213-179-501 A02416
Allis Chalmers 20x20 Case Ring A00383
Dean Brothers Sleeve 1767409 D07022
Dean Brothers Sleeve 1767618 D07073
Dean Brothers Sleeve 1768623 D07095
Delaval Impeller (Left Hand) A01241
Delaval Impeller (Right Hand) A01242
Fairbanks Morse 17.5" Impeller (Closed) A01100
Peerless 2X1-8.5 Back Plate A00543
Peerless 2X1-8.5 (Centerline) Casing A00544
Union 1.5X2-7 Impeller 805B1577 A01109
Unichem 1.5X2-7 Impeller 805B1577 A01109
Unichem 1.5X2-7 Shaft 820A2016 D07410
Union 1.5X2-7 Shaft 820A2016 D07410
Aurora Shaft 728-1041-063 D07086
Aurora Sleeve 38-613 D07610
Hazelton 12" Shaft D-11473-S D00300
Byron Jackson 34-11 Sleeve 751417-JX D00261
Hazelton 6" Shaft D-1174C-S D00301
Hazelton 8" Shaft D-11074A-S D00302
Hazelton 4" Shaft D-11737-B D00303
Hazelton Sleeve D-11443-BSB D00320

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